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Release Date: June 19, 2020

Town of Newburgh Animal Shelter Receives
Excellent Report from N.Y. State

On June 5th 2020 the New York State
Department of Agriculture issued a report
following an inspection of the Town of Newburgh
Animal Control. 
Here are some of the findings of that report.
The report found:
   Shelter is structurally sound
   Housing area and equipment are sanitized regularly
   Repairs are done when necessary
   Dogs are handled safely
   Adequate space is available for all dogs
   Light is sufficient for observation
   Ventilation is adequate
   Clean food and water are available and in ample supply
   Veterinary care is provided when necessary
   Records are properly maintained
   Owners of identified dogs are properly notified
   Proper impoundment fees are paid before dogs are released
Supervisor Gil Piaquadio and the entire town board were
pleased that all items comprising the inspection were
favorable with no recommendations for improvements.
Supervisor Piaquadio went on to thank Lt. James Nenni who oversees the department, Councilman Paul Ruggiero liaison to the department, Cheryl Cunningham Animal Control Officer and all the employees involved in the day to day operation of this fine facility.

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