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Release Date: November 23, 2021

Many of us have seen construction equipment on the 90 acre site across from the Newburgh Mall and wonder what is being built.  The answer is two warehouses totaling over one million square feet.  This property is not my first choice for warehousing but here is the history.  Approximately 15 years ago, the project planned for this location was named The Marketplace, a proposed large retail and mall site.  The developer faced one lawsuit after another which slowed down final approval.


The property was sold to another developer.  These owners had problems obtaining retail leases and sold to a developer who named the retail and village type development “The Loop.”  This developer was also unable to obtain retail leases, so the property was sold again to a developer who planned a retail and entertainment site named the Ridge they too were unable to obtain enough leases to support the project so it was sold to the Matrix.  The Matrix currently has one warehouse in the Town of Newburgh and have been good neighbors.


I am not excited about having warehouses at this location as I would prefer retail. Yet the property is zoned for both retail and/or warehousing leaving the town no real choice. I made it clear to the warehouse owners that the Town will not support any IDA Pilots (any reduction in taxes beyond what is allowed by law) for the building or any tenants they may obtain.  In light of the decline in purchases at brick and mortar retail stores and rise in internet purchasing, the need for such warehouses has increased.


Gil Piaquadio

Supervisor, Town of Newburgh


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