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News & Announcements


Release Date: January 11, 2022

At the January 10th 2022 Town of Newburgh Re-organization meeting Supervisor Gil Piaquadio made the following statment.

The Town of Newburgh Town Board worked in concert with our dedicated Town employees to achieve the following accomplishments in 2021:

  • Created the 2022 Budget with zero property tax increase.
  • Held a Grand Opening Event for the Desmond Estate which offers over 50 educational programs.
  • Held a Grand Opening Event for 21 Hudson Professional Plaza which houses 18 Code Compliance employees, the Planning and Zoning Boards, and a quarantine zone for the Town’s Animal Control Department.
  • Arranged for Resorts World to open a video terminal casino at the Newburgh Mall with a strong financial Host Agreement that benefit the Town.
  • Successfully Negotiated Fair Contracts with the PBA and CSEA unions for 2022 to 2024.
  • Implemented a Hotel Motel sales tax to increase Town revenue.
  • Waived renewal application requirement for Senior/Disabled Property Tax exemptions.
  • Completed the Gidney Avenue Bridge Culvert with 80% Federal funding.
  • Continued to provide crucial services to residents through our Dial-A-Bus Program.
  • Hired six Police Officers and added two additional officers to the 2022 Budget.
  • Requested NYS Department of Transportation traffic studies for Route 300 and Rock Cut Road as well as Route 32 and Chestnut Lane to inform traffic safety improvements.
  • Revised our Public Employer Health Emergency Plan in line with NYS requirements.
  • Facilitated meetings and utilized community feedback to revise the Town of Newburgh’s Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative Plan per the NYS 203 mandate.
  • Allowed outdoor dining at restaurants to help restaurant operators through the difficulties of COVID.
  • Hired an engineering firm to help with the design of the new Recreation/Senior Center.
  • Selected a Planner for the Town of Newburgh’s Master Plan.
  • Recognized Presidential Scholar George Elidais for his outstanding achievements.
  • Hired an in-house Sole Assessor for the Town.
  • Contracted with an engineering company to prepare guidelines for the new 5G cellular network.
  • Awarded a contract to construct a Pickle Ball Court on Monarch Drive.
  • Audited our Franchise Agreements and recouped thousands of dollars for our Town.
  • Started groundwork for an Ambulance District.
  • Completed improvements to the Meadow Hill South Sewer District.
  • Commenced groundwork for improvements to the Chadwick Lake Treatment Plant.
  • Received a New York State Department of Transportation Grant in the amount of $526,106 to cover the entire cost to replace the Elmhurst Avenue Culvert/Bridge.


For 2022, the Town of Newburgh’s outstanding Town Board and dedicated employees will continue to coordinate their efforts to advance our Town and meet the needs of our residents that we are so privileged to serve.



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