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Release Date: January 17, 2023





NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Coldenham Fire District, Orange County, New York, at a special meeting thereof held on January 14, 2023, a duly adopted a resolution, subject to permissive referendum, an abstract of which is as follows:

WHEREAS, the Board of Fire Commissioners had heretofore established a capital reserve fund for apparatus repair, which capital reserve fund is entitled “Capital Reserve Repair Fund,” and

WHEREAS, said Capital Reserve Fund has a current balance of approximately $177,136.61, and

WHEREAS, the Board of Fire Commissioners has determined that the District should expend up to $65,000 for the purpose of water tank replacement for Tanker 203,                                             

NOW, THEREFORE, be it RESOLVED that the sum of $65,000 is hereby approximated for this repair pursuant to the general provisions of Section 6-g, Subdivision 7 of the General Municipal Law and it is further

RESOLVED that the Fire District Secretary, within ten days after the adoption of the within resolution and in the same manner as provided in the Notice of Annual Election, shall publish a notice setting forth the date of the adoption of the within resolution and containing an abstract thereof specifying that the within resolution was adopted subject to a permissive referendum pursuant to Section 6-g, Subdivision 4 of the General Municipal Law.


 Dated:  January 14, 2023



Board of Fire Commissioners

Coldenham Fire District