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Release Date: May 11, 2023

Asylum Seekers arrived today, Thursday, May 11th, at the Crossroads Hotel in the Town of Newburgh, despite vital questions remaining unanswered by New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

The unanswered questions for Mayor Eric Adams and his office include:

  1. Were background checks performed on these Asylum Seekers? 

I told Mayor Adams that the safety of the Town of Newburgh residents is of the utmost importance.

  1. What happens to the Asylum Seekers after the four-month stay period has ended?

I reminded Mayor Adams that these men would be ineligible to receive Social Services benefits because they are not citizens of the United States.

  1. How will the Asylum Seekers access services in an isolated residential area? 

These men are staying at the Crossroads Hotel, which is adjacent to a residential zone and has very few services within walking distance.

The Town will continue to monitor this important matter.


Gil Piaquadio

Town of Newburgh Supervisor

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