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This is the official web-site of the Town of Newburgh     
This is the official web-site of the Town of Newburgh     

Welcome to the Town of Newburgh Website

Supervisor Gil Piaquadio Welcomes You to the Town of Newburgh Website

This website is easy to navigate and has a tremendous amount of information.  The website will be updated periodically to ensure access to relevant and timely information.

The Town of Newburgh is a diverse community of people from rural, suburban, and urban cultures.  It has a collage of farms and orchards, rural neighborhoods, and well-defined housing development communities.  The Town consists of a vibrant business district that supplies the products and services we desire while providing a viable commercial tax base to offset the real property taxes to our residents.  It is this diversity that makes the Town of Newburgh a desirable place to both live and work.

It is the mission of the Town of Newburgh elected officials, their employees, and agents to provide superior and enhanced services while controlling the tax burden on local businesses.  We are continuing to attract new businesses to our community to enhance both the products available to our residents and expand our commercial tax base.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving as your Town Supervisor.

Town Supervisor Gil Piaquadio

Electronic Notifications

You can subscribe online to receive any of the following e-mail subscription newsletters that the Town of Newburgh is now offering.

The Town of Newburgh will e-mail emergency notices and associated details to subscribers of this Emergency E-Mail Notification list.

An electronic municipal newsletter from the Town of Newburgh about important town news, announcements and information that the Town of Newburgh will e-mail to subscribers.

Important Recreation updates and subscribers will be on the list to receive the new Town of Newburgh recreation directory when it becomes available.