Molly A. Carhart, Sole Assessor
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The Town Assessor’s Office is responsible for establishing and maintaining the values of real property. 
The Assessor’s Office continually reviews sales to determine the market value of various types of properties
in the Town. There are many real property tax exemptions authorized under state and local laws, such
as partial exemptions for veterans, primary residence (STAR exemption and credit), agricultural, senior
citizens, physically disabled people with limited income, and business incentive exemptions, which are
also administered by this office.

Key Dates to Know:
 March 1st: Taxable Status Date. Deadline for filing all exemptions.
 May 1st: Tentative roll date and assessment change notices mailed to property owners.
Property owners may examine their own assessments or the assessments of any other parcels in
the Town of Newburgh.
 Fourth Tuesday in May: Grievance Day. A formal appeal against the assessment of a property
may be filed.
 July 1st: Final assessment roll is filed, and taxes are apportioned for the following year.

Do you have a question about your assessed value? Please contact our office to discuss.

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